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Gender Responsive Strategies

Research, Practice, and Guiding Principles for Women Offenders

gender responsive strategies

Barbara E. Bloom, Barbara A. Owen, and Stephanie S. Covington

This report offers guidance for those individuals "seeking to more effectively respond to the behavior and circumstances of the female offender." An executive summary and the following four chapters comprise this manual: characteristics of women in the criminal justice system – a descriptive summary; women offenders and criminal justice practice; the context of women's lives – a multidisciplinary review of research and theory; and a new vision – guiding principles for a gender-responsive criminal justice system. An appendix provides information regarding legal considerations with regard to women offenders. The intended audience ranges from policy- and decision- makers at the legislative, agency, and system levels to those who manage or serve offenders on a daily basis.

Free of charge. Download directly from the National Institute of Corrections.

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